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This PERSI website provides a general summary of the benefits provided by the Public Employee Retirement System of Idaho. It is intended to give you a general idea of what your benefits are and to acquaint you with the PERSI system. IT SHOULD NOT BE TAKEN AS FINAL LEGAL AUTHORITY. Nothing within this site creates an entitlement. Benefits are based on the law in effect at the time of your termination from employment; thus, some information found here may not apply in specific cases. If there is any discrepancy between this site and the law, the provisions of the law will prevail.

Idaho Code

The laws and regulations governing PERSI may be found in Title 59, Chapter 13, Idaho Code. For legal definitions, please refer to PERSI's Statutes and Rules, available from any PERSI office. Title 59, Chapter 13, Idaho Code is also available on line at

Benefits and membership requirements for members of the Firefighter's Retirement Fund (who are covered under a separate plan) are explained in Title 72, Chapter 14, Idaho Code. This section of Idaho Code is available from PERSI or on-line at