Helping Idaho Public Employees Build A Secure Retirement

PERSI Brochures

The PERSI Web site is a valuable resource for retirement benefit information. The brochures and flyers below are provided to help members and retirees understand their benefits and the advantages of PERSI membership. Benefits are based on the law in effect at the time you terminate employment. If there is any discrepancy between these documents and the law, the provisions of the law will prevail.

  • Am I a PERSI Member? - Not all employment through a PERSI employer qualifies for PERSI membership. This PDF will help you determine if your employment satisfies the requirements for employee status as specified in Idaho Code 59-1302(14).
  • Benefits at a Glance Flyer - PERSI Retirement Plan, Base Plan Benefits, Disability benefits, Death Benefits, Portability of Funds, Cost of Living Adjustments, The Choice 401(k) Plan and Additional Benefits of the PERSI Base Plan.
  • Repaying a separation benefit, waiting period, or delinquent contributions - This brochure will help you understand how to repay Base Plan money you withdrew when you stopped working for a PERSI employer, or you want to pay for a waiting period, or make up delinquent contributions.
  • Certified Instructional Staff or Pupil Service Staff: Return To Work - IRS Statutes and Regulations, along with Idaho Statutes, are very specific about the requirements for a school teacher or administrator wanting to return to work after retirement and continue receiving a retirement benefit.
  • Choice 401(k) Plan Deferral Election Flyer - Members can boost their retirement security by making voluntary contributions to a retirement savings account designed to supplement their Base Plan. This flyer explains how to start, stop or change payroll deductions for tax-deferred contributions to the PERSI Choice 401(k) Plan.
  • Credited Service Flyer - Service credit is part of the formula used to calculate your PERSI benefit when you retire. This flyer explains how you accumulate service credit and why it is important.
  • Death Benefit – In addition to the emotional stress caused by the death of a loved one, a severe blow is often dealt to the family's financial security - particularly when death occurs during the career years. To help ease this burden, PERSI offers valuable financial protection in the form of death benefits.
  • Disability Benefit – If your career is cut short because of a permanent and total disability, you may be eligible for a monthly disability benefit from your PERSI Base Plan if you meet certain eligibility requirements. This booklet explains those benefits.
  • Divorce – If a PERSI member has been married at any time while actively participating in PERSI and is considering a divorce, the spouse may be legally entitled to a portion of the member's PERSI accounts and/or benefits. This brochure provides general information to help members, spouses, and attorneys with the division of PERSI accounts and/or benefits in a divorce.
  • Early Retirement – This brochure can help you understand early retirement requirements so you can decide if retiring early is right for you.
  • Fast Facts Flyer – This flyer offers demographic information and facts about PERSI, including how retirement benefits help fuel the Idaho economy and how conservative policies provide stability.
  • Mixed Service Brochure - Earning service credit as a general member and as a police officer/PERSI firefighter gives you Mixed Service. This brochure will help you understand what that means, how your benefit is calculated, and the retirement options available from PERSI.
  • Outliving Your Spousal Contingent Annuitant Flyer - This brochure will help you understand what happens when a retiree receiving PERSI benefits outlives their spousal contingent annuitant (CA) and later remarries.
  • PERSI is Good for Idaho
  • Purchase of PERSI Base Plan Service Flyer - If you are a vested PERSI member, you may purchase additional service to improve your Base Plan retirement benefit. You may purchase up to 48 months (4 years) of service for any reason.
  • Reinstatement Interest Rate - Interest associated with repayment of Base Plan withdrawals, waiting periods, or delinquent contributions.
  • Retirement Checklist Flyer - Whether you're planning to retire in a few months or a few years, you should start thinking about what you need to do to make your transition into retirement as smooth as possible. This checklist will guide you towards retirement by identifying the steps and documents needed to complete PERSI's retirement process.
  • Retirement Options - This brochure explains the Base Plan retirement options available to PERSI members.
  • Tax Deductibility of IRA Contributions Flyer - This flyer may help you understand the tax laws and regulations limiting the deductibility of IRA contributions for board and commission members.
  • Using Sick Leave for State Retirees - This flyer explains how to convert your unused sick leave to a fund that can be used by PERSI to pay qualifying insurance premiums.
  • Using Sick Leave for School District Retirees - This flyer explains how to convert your unused sick leave to a fund that can be used by PERSI to pay qualifying insurance premiums.
  • What Happens to Your Choice 401(k) Plan Money When You Retire? - This document helps members understand the distribution options for their Choice 401(k) Plan money at retirement.
  • Withdrawing Your PERSI Funds Brochure - This brochure provides detailed information on withdrawing funds from your PERSI Base Plan and your Choice 401(k) Plan accounts.
  • Withdrawing Your PERSI Funds Flyer- This flyer provides a brief overview on withdrawing funds from your PERSI Base Plan and Choice 401(k) Plan accounts.
  • Working After Retirement Flyer - If you're considering returning to work after retirement, it's important for you to know IRS regulations and Idaho State laws may affect your retirement benefit should you return to work.