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PERSI Retirees

This retired PERSI members section will give you the information and resources you need during your retirement. Give us a call if you have any questions.

What PERSI Means to me?

PERSI provides retirees with a stable lifetime monthly income to supplement their Social Security benefit and personal savings. Retirees also receive an annual cost-of-living adjustment to help keep them abreast of inflation. Direct deposit provides safe, on-time delivery no matter where they live or travel.


myPERSI – myPERSI Account is a secure, safe and easy to use environment where you can find out your Choice 401(k) Plan balance, view your PERSI Benefit Statement (Pay Stub), and view and print your 1099 forms.

COLA – (Cost Of Living Adjustment) COLA explanation and historical chart of COLAs.

Power of Attorney – Generally, a power of attorney is a document, signed by the principal (the member who grants a power of attorney), authorizing an agent to act on his or her behalf.

Return to Employment Guidance – If you're considering returning to work after retirement, it's important for you to know IRS regulations and Idaho State laws may affect your retirement benefit should you return to work.

Form 1099-R Information – By the end of January, PERSI mails each retiree an IRS 1099-R for Base Plan benefits paid in the preceding year. This is for the retiree to use when filing federal and state income tax. PERSI also provides this information to the IRS.

Taxability of Base Plan Benefits – PERSI Base Plan benefits are subject to federal income tax withholding; however, members can choose to not have tax withheld.

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