Helping Idaho Public Employees Build A Secure Retirement

Form 1099-R Information

By the end of January, PERSI mails each retiree an IRS 1099-R for Base Plan benefits paid in the preceding year. This is for the retiree to use when filing federal and state income tax. PERSI also provides this information to the IRS. (Not all retirees file income taxes.)

PERSI sends another 1099-R to all retirees who had a distribution from the Choice Plan during the year. Sometimes members don't understand why they received the Choice Plan 1099-R, or become confused when they receive more than one 1099-R from PERSI. When helping these members, the first step is to identify whether the 1099-R is for the Base Plan or the Choice Plan. You can identify the plan by the looking at the Payer's Federal Identification Number. The Identification numbers for the two plans are:

  • Base Plan 82-0262042
  • Choice Plan 82-6000952