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Transmittal reporting instructions and tools

  • Arrivos Specs, Workshops, and Correspondence - Changes are coming regarding PERSI's New Pension Administration System.

  • Arrivos File Specification - A detailed review of transmittal reporting methods, fields, and methods of payment - for employers that generate a transmittal file for PERSI - updated 04/17/2014.

  • Arrivos - Idaho Retirement Information System.

    • Please log into the Employer Portal for Arrivos Reporting and Training content.

  • Encryption

    • PERSI currently supports GPG (GnuPG for Windows) for file encryption. It's a free file encryption solution.

        Prior to using GPG, PERSI supported PGP 7.1. PERSI will continue to provide support for organizations using this older software, but please note that it fails to operate in Windows operating systems newer than Windows XP. Upgrading your computers to Windows Vista, Windows 7, or later, will require switching to GPG.

        Any keys created using the old PGP software can still be imported and used by GPG.

    • Download GPG, version 2.1.0, from PERSI's Site or GPG's Site

    • PERSI Employers Public Key - If needed, download the PERSI Employers Public Key.

Contribution Rates

The cycle start date determines the rate to use.


Easy Pay - PERSI's electronic payment system.