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PERSI Employers

The pages and documents listed below provide information of interest to PERSI employers. If you are an employer and have questions that are not covered in these pages, please contact PERSI.

Arrivos Specs, Workshops, and Correspondence - Information regarding PERSI´s Pension Administration System.

GASB Info - GASB Public Pension Accounting Standards

Employer Portal - Secured tool for employers

Forms - Employer forms and instructions

Transmittal Reporting - Tools and instructions on your transmittal reporting

Transmittal Payments - Instructions and payment tools

Choice 401(k) Plan - Information regarding the Choice 401(k) Plan

Newsletters - News to Use (NTU)

List of PERSI Employers - Historic list of all the PERSI Employers

New Employee Orientation a self-guided PERSI orientation for your new employees.

Employers: Schedule training in-house for your employees

View this PDF to see when PERSI trainers will be in your area and will be available to do an onsite workshop.

Contact us for details and to make arrangements (select "Workshops" as the subject to your e-mail).

Historical Announcements

HB202 — Retired Teacher Returning to Work

During the past legislative session, HB 202 was passed and will be effective July 1, 2007. The idea of allowing a retiree to return to work AND continue to receive their pension has received considerable discussion, both nationally and locally over the past five years. more

State Employees Permitted to Use Internet for Retirement Programs

Executive Order 98-05 regarding internet use by State employees does not prohibit use for participation in PERSI.

Employer Tour 2020

Employer Tour 2020 Presentation.