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GASB Public Pension Accounting Standards

PERSI has provided instructions, sample footnote disclosures and sample journal entries to help employers understand how to take the PERSI data and apply it to their financial statements. These guidelines are NOT authoritative nor designed to replace guidance from your auditor. Instead, they provide sample displays to assist with preparation of employer financial statements, footnote disclosure and RSI if required to report under GASB. PERSI cannot be held liable for how the employer applies the information provided by PERSI to their financial statements.
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1. Is PERSI Really Unfunded?
2. Why Should Employers Be Concerned?
3. How is PERSI NPL Calculated?
4. How Will Employers Receive NPL Numbers?
5. Is the Employer Share of NPL Due Now?
6. Whose Liability Is the NPL?
7. Are Employer Contributions Going to Go Up to
   Pay for the NPL?

8. What is PERSI Doing to Help?

PERSI GASB Slides for Employers — March 2014
PERSI GASB Slides for Auditors — November 2014

Links to information about the new GASB standards:

GASB Toolkit (implementation guides, videos, podcasts, and more directly from GASB)

GASB Statement No. 68 (Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pensions)

GASB's New Pension Standards: Setting the Record Straight (Q&A from Government Accounting Standards Board)

GASB 68 Implementation Guide (1/14)

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