Helping Idaho Public Employees Build A Secure Retirement


PERSI's Mission

To provide our members and their beneficiaries with reliable, secure, long-term retirement, survivor and disability benefits as specified by law.

To assist our members in planning a secure retirement by providing high-quality, friendly service, retirement education and information.

  What PERSI Means to Me - As a Working Member

 PERSI's Members

In today's uncertain world, knowing that PERSI's Base Plan will provide a lifetime benefit to supplement Social Security and personal savings provides reassurance for members. The tax advantages and low fees of the optional Choice 401(k) Plan maximize personal investment dollars. The disability and death benefits provide an additional safety net for the whole family.

  What PERSI Means to Me - As a Retiree

 PERSI's Retirees

PERSI provides retirees with a stable lifetime monthly income to supplement their Social Security benefit and personal savings. Retirees also receive an annual cost-of-living adjustment to help keep them abreast of inflation. Direct deposit provides safe, on-time delivery no matter where they live or travel.

  What PERSI Means to Me - As an Employer

 PERSI's Employers

The PERSI plan will help you attract and retain quality employees. PERSI provides employees with a stable retirement income for their lifetime to supplement their Social Security benefit and personal savings. It provides a disability and death benefit and opportunity to maximize personal investments in a 401(k) with low fees and tax deferred dollars.